Wellness Treatments

Wellness Experiences

Above & Beyond the Traditional Spa Experience

Discover a unique and mindful experience with a one-on-one session that goes above and beyond the traditional spa treatment. I have been working with crystals and as a reiki master for over 20 years. In my practice I will help you see that wellness is key to living a life of longevity. Start Feeling Like You Again. At times you just have to give your mind, body and soul a recharge. 

Reinvigorate Cosmetic Acupuncture

75 MINUTES $275 / 90 MINUTES $300


Our licensed Acupuncturist will be enhance your beauty and over all well being. Cosmetic acupuncture can enhance the production of collagen, increase blood flow, stimulate immune responses that reduce inflammation, and activate any number of functional points that have various responses, reducing jaw tension/ relieving anxiety. Includes micro current ,ultrasound & LED therapy. 

Alexa Vulpis L.AC, MSTOM is passionate about helping others, Alexa brings a holistic approach to her treatments with the use of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


90 MINUTES $300


Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques will be used to slim and contour the thigh, buttock, and stomach area. The contouring is a combination of deeper strokes to releases the tissue, increase the metabolism and promote a contouring effect. I use warming gel on the abdomen area. This is a gentle massaging movement is used to relax and manipulate the abdominal area with the added benefit of helping digestive health and calming bloating. During your treatment you’ll also experience compressions on the hips which will assist in gently opening up your rib cage. According to the client’s necessity, I design the perfect combination that will work for you to achieve the best results.


90 MINUTES $300


I specialize in personal healing work. I work to show you how to find balance within yourself. During this treatment I’ll help guide you through mediation using crystals and reiki.

This will help promote relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. The use of crystals in meditation practice can deepen your meditation, provide a focus, and raise your consciousness and awareness of your higher self.

Be Beautified Method

90 MINUTES $300


I created this method that was from vanity-worthy gemstones. This lymph-flushing skin care treatment has an impressive past. White Jade helps clear skin inflammatory aging conditions, detox, and nourishes at the same time. Its unique properties surpass any other stones and minerals  based on Traditional Chinese.  Thai poultice and cryo sticks are used in this treatment. The hot and cold is to stimulate the nervous system. This helps me sculpt the face and drain the fluids.

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