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Serena Marie Licastro

Celebrity Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician

Founded by celebrity Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Aesthetician Serena Marie Licastro.  Serena Marie has been leading the beauty revolution with the dream of effecting positive change for your skin and health for over 25 years. Her advanced facials and clean skincare have been transformative. Serena is known for her craft and vision. It’s all about restore and rebalance. 

Is known for working at the NYC hidden gem the Greenwich hotel Spa Shibui. Serena has worked with celebrities, musicians and plenty of people in the entertainment industry. You will feel as if she’s bringing a little SHIBUI to Staten Island .State of the art treatments and Lines. Exclusive on Staten Island. Natura Bissé, Pietro Simone and Chuda will be showcased at Serena Marie’s studio. This embodies the artisan craft of true luxury with an element of surprise. Ground-breaking technology meets Clean beauty. Body work that is known as targeted therapies. The treatments are developed with simplicity. Some are rooted in tradition while others employ more modern techniques.

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